M.A.Y.A. Podcast

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Welcome to the podcast that covers salient topics from a fresh and forward thinking perspective. MAYA: My Ambition Your Ambition, pulls back the veil of self doubt and sabotage that plagues so many of us in life; to help identify ambitions and harness motivation to help yield satisfaction and success in our daily lives

Episode#1: Let’s talk about Ambition!

Welcome to Episode #1 of M.A.Y.A…My Ambition Your Ambition. In this episode I will lay the foundation of how we gain insight into the blueprint that is used to build your satisfaction and success in life… YOUR AMBITION



Episode#2: How to Approach…Chaos, Challenge and Change

Can you ever be prepared for a situation like Covid-19? In this episode of M.A.Y.A: MY Ambition YOUR Ambition we explore that question and how to arrive at YOUR answer!!!



Episode #3: The Impression of Depression

This episode we explore the impression of depression. Understanding depression, how to identify it with yourself and others AND WHEN and HOW to take action to get help!!!