M.A.Y.A. Episode #25: Reclaim your PERSONAL POWER!!!!

So often we put the needs, wants, desires and demands of others ahead of our own. More often than not, it is unconscious and a pattern of behavior we have normalized; and others have come to expect it. We hear words like giver, unselfish and sacrifice often associated with this behavior but rarely surrender. Surrender?? yes surrendering your wants, needs and desire to appease and accommodate healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics and situations. So, what are you surrendering?? Your Personal POWER!!!! Personal Power is a unique resource you have that you should cherish and protect because it is the fuel that can drive, enlightenment, empowerment and elevation!! Join M.A.Y.A. in Episode #25 to talk about ways you are giving your POWER away and how to RECLAIM it!!

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