The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (10-28-2015)

2nd TMAS Unplugged Poster

Click Here To LISTEN!!!

Some of the TALK on TAP:

What’s Trending: White Woman Arrested For Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Signs, Salting Yard & Spring Valley High School officer suspended

Food For Thought: Petition To Remove Don Lemon from CNN

Say What!!: Alabama teacher will not be disciplined for wearing blackface & U of I is letting you take all its MBA courses online—for free

What Would Nikki Say?: Nikki goes toe to toes with Dear Abby giving advice to wayward souls…

Celebrity Talk/SideEYE: Chris Rock Makes Heartless Joke About Lamar Odom’s Overdose & RUSSELL SIMMONS ON RUSHCARD BACKLASH: ‘I HAVE VERY LITTLE INTEREST IN MONEY’

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Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden
Instagram: @MayaAkai @TheNikkiBrayden

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