M.A.Y.A. Episode #25: Reclaim your PERSONAL POWER!!!!

So often we put the needs, wants, desires and demands of others ahead of our own. More often than not, it is unconscious and a pattern of behavior we have normalized; and others have come to expect it. We hear words like giver, unselfish and sacrifice often associated with this behavior but rarely surrender. Surrender?? yes surrendering your wants, needs and desire to appease and accommodate healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics and situations. So, what are you surrendering?? Your Personal POWER!!!! Personal Power is a unique resource you have that you should cherish and protect because it is the fuel that can drive, enlightenment, empowerment and elevation!! Join M.A.Y.A. in Episode #25 to talk about ways you are giving your POWER away and how to RECLAIM it!!

M.A.Y.A Episode #24: The Security and Sabotage of the “Comfort Zone”

Welcome to the first Episode of M.A.Y.A. My Ambition Your Ambition of 2021. We are kicking of the new year with addressing how to deal with challenge and change, specifically starting with an evaluation of the ever so important Comfort Zone . The Comfort zone is the construct that encompasses psychological, emotional, and behavioral domains that exist to create familiarity and feelings of security.

Ultimately “your” comfort zone consists of regular habits and routines that create experiences that are low in levels of stress and anxiety. In short, your comfort zone, is all about daily living that is little to no risk for you. From the first family of Chicago basketball, Coach Lance C Irvin, Head Coach Men’s Basketball , Chicago State University will be Joining the show to talk about navigating your comfort zone. Get ready to get comfortable with moving out of YOUR Comfort Zone!!!

M.A.Y.A. Episode #23 : If it Doesn’t CHALLENGE You..It Don’t CHANGE You!!!

This is the final thought show for 2020.. and it is par for the course to talk about challenge and change. This show will set up the first show of 2021 that will be about the purpose and dangers of “The Comfort Zone”. Join me for Episode# 23 to talk about how 2020 has tested and transformed many of our lives. We will reflect on the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual and physical changes many of us have experienced throughout the year and how we were challenged and changed during difficult times .

M.A.Y.A. Episode #22: What’s Behind Your Thinking??

Negative and positive thinking is directly impacted by our past and present experiences. People, places and things forge our memories and become the framework of how we perceive things and development our perception on what is going on in our lives. Let’s take a step back and look at how we focus our thinking on situations from the context and meaning we assign to them…Let’s reflect on your attitude and habits in thinking.

M.A.Y.A. Episode #21: Understanding Equality & Equity and how they impact your relationships

Striking balance in relationships is often complicated and frustrating. Part of working toward balance is understanding what is necessary to achieve them. Equality and Equity are two relationship elements you should get familiar with. Though, these two words are often used interchangeably in defining things or considered to be synonymous, they are not. Join Maya in Episode #21 to understand the importance of equality and equity in your relationships and why they should be identified, understood, and maintained to help you manage and enjoy healthy and fulfilling relationships.

M.A.Y.A. Episode #20: The Emotion and Mindset Behind Money

The holiday season is upon us, but it is unlike any other holiday we have ever experienced. This season, many people are struggling to a make it and now they have the added stress of trying to meet the expectation of the biggest holiday of the year. Question??? Have you taken the time to stop and really consider how 2020 has changed, re-arranged or impacted your life? If not, now is the time to start and a conversation about money generally gets everyone’s attention. In this episode of M.A.Y.A., Stacie L Daniel, Wealth Strategist and Insurance Broker, joins the show to explore the mental and emotional behaviors tied to how we spend money. Understanding the origins of your financial habits can move you from financial sabotage to desired financial security and success.

M.A.Y.A. Episode #19: Putting your relationships into perspective

We have different types of relationships in our lives. Personal relationships, encompasses , family, friends and significant others. Professional relationships, involve peers, bosses, maybe people you manage or do business with. Whatever the relationship it is important to make sure you understand the dynamics of each and how they impact you on mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual levels. As you work towards the best version of you.. positive and healthy relationships are one of the most important influencing factors of achieving where you wanna go and in many instances how you get there .

M.A.Y.A. Episode#18: Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Empathy

So often we can identify the issues that others are dealing with, but how do you process it in your frame of reference? Do you connect on any level with other people’s pain and if so Why?, How ? and What do you do with your understanding. In Episode #18 we will explore the emotions of apathy, sympathy and empathy and how the more emotional in touch you are with yourself the greater your emotional intelligence, the ability to connect with others on deeper emotional , mental, physical and spiritual planes

M.A.Y.A. Episode #17: Understanding & Utilizing Perception and Perspective

These are two words that deal with the way we perceive, understand and interpret things. Although these two words are often thought to be synonymous, be careful in using them interchangeably. Perception basically refers to the way we THINK about or UNDERSTAND someone or something. Perspective is the way we REGARD something or our point of view (POV). How you choose to use each of these during challenging times or important decision making moments is crucial. The same situation can be interpreted differently by different individuals with different perspectives and perceptions. In other words, perception and perspective are unique, specific and diverse

M.A.Y.A (Episode 16) The Key to Unlocking the Best Version of Yourself ( Hint, Core Values)

When you learn how to prioritize your life, you can focus with intention on what matters and accomplish your most important goals and become or grow closer to being the better version of yourself. A key to prioritizing and unlocking the best version of yourself is having a clear understanding of what matters you and why. In short , clearly understanding, defining and committing to your core values. In this episode (16) we will begin that journey of exploration of core values and help you to begin to think and act from a position of personal truth.